🧡-lich Willkommen bei HNGRY!

Cool, you are now the owner of our HNGRYnsite camera! Only 3 more steps until you have the first picture of your fridge on your mobile…

Step 1:

Download the HNGRY app!

HNGRY is your smart everyday assistant for shopping, storage and inventory. From now on, you can always check what’s in your fridge from anywhere in the app’s storage area. The best thing is that the digital inventory is smartly linked to a shopping list. This way you can plan your next shopping trip in no time!

Step 2:

Register and create a HNGRY household!

Log in easily via Apple, Google, Facebook or register using your email address. Now you’re ready to go: Create your first HNGRY household. Here you will later find the fridge picture in the storage area and your digital shopping list. You can also easily share your household with other household members. Isn’t that just the ticket?

Step 3:

Install your HNGRYnsite!

Yaaay, you’re almost there – now it’s time to install your new camera. Just follow the steps in the HNGRY app and look forward to your first fridge picture!

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Any more questions?

You have more questions about your new HNGRYnsite refrigerator camera? Click here to go to the frequently asked questions.