HNGRY is your app for the smart planning of your shopping and supplies

The app helps you to best organise your shopping and supplies and to store them correctly. This means that you not only save money, time and energy every day, but you also waste less food. 

  • Plan your shopping quickly and easily with clever shopping tips
  • Share your list with the whole family, house-mates, partner or your friends
  • Keep an eye on your supplies – at any time and in any place
  • Store your food correctly – for a longer shelf-life
  • Learn more about yourself and your shopping habits and become more aware of the way you consume
Screenshots of the app areas available in HNGRY

HNGRY is your app for perfect shopping planning!

It helps you remember everything and organise your food in the best possible way. The longer you use the app for shopping, the better it gets to know you and reminds you of what’s missing from your shopping list.

  • Plan and manage your next shopping trip quickly, easily and efficiently
  • Share your shopping list easily with your family, flatmates or friends
  • Keep track of your food supplies at all times, without any additional effort
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Always prepared

Create your digital shopping list

Never forget your shopping list at home again: With HNGRY  you always have your shopping list with you and you can plan your shopping in a quicker, simpler and more structured manner than ever before.

  • After a while HNGRY becomes familiar with your shopping habits and suggests just the right products that you will need again soon. This guarantees that you don’t forget anything ever again.
  • Select the correct suggestion with a simple click and the product will be immediately added to your list.
  • Spare yourself the time pushing the trolley back and forth while shopping. The app sorts your list according to the product categories in the supermarket completely automatically and without you needing to take any action.
  • Your shopping list is available at any time – even if you don’t have any reception at the time.
Optimum coordination

Planning and shopping together

Boring, rambling planning discussions in group chats and duplicate purchases will become a thing of the past. With HNGRY you are always up to date.

  • Share your shopping list with the whole family, house-mates, partners or your friends.
  • Create several lists for different occasions, supermarkets or groups.
  • Use the notes function to add your own requests and other additional information for the respective product to avoid incorrect purchases.
  • See who adds which products.
  • Receive push notifications when products are added to a shared list by a member or have already been bought.
Storage information and tips for Avocado
Keep an eye on everything

Organise your supplies

Create your own digital pantry and put an end to throwing away food that is past its best-before date. No food will never again be forgotten again thanks to HNGRY.

  • The purchased products are placed in your virtual pantry as soon as you buy them.
  • You can check what you may still have at home at any time and from anywhere.
  • Check how long your food can still be enjoyed, what needs to be consumed in the next few days or what has already been in the freezer for a long time.
  • HNGRY also recommends the optimum storage location for your food, so vegetables etc. stay fresh and tasty.
  • Simply place products you will require again soon directly from your virtual pantry back on your shipping list.

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