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Young, innovative team for flexible and user-centred solutions

Who is behind HNGRY? Let us introduce ourselves:

We are a young, dynamic team with over 20 experienced employees. With our team of experts in the fields of development, product management, UI/UX design, analytics, marketing and data science, we have made it our mission to revolutionise the purchasing and storage process for our users. We endeavour to promote the sustainable and efficient use of food in order to reduce food waste.

Digital, sustainable and collaborative: our path to the app revolution

We also enjoy spending time together outside of work. We all share a passion for digital innovations, good apps with an outstanding user experience and their potential to create positive added value.
Every day, we think about how we can optimise little things in our everyday lives to live more sustainably – from plastic-free shopping to innovative apps that enrich our lives. We are particularly proud of the launch of the HNGRYnsite. This new development shows how much we stick together as a team and pursue the common goal of making our users’ lives easier by allowing them to look into the fridge from anywhere, whether in the office, at the supermarket or Our aim is to always be at the forefront of app development and to orientate ourselves on the best apps on the market.

Our connection to the topic of sustainability not only accompanies us in app development, but is also a central element of our corporate culture. Our constant effort to develop innovative solutions reflects our vision for a sustainable future. We are in regular dialogue with food experts to stay up to date and develop additional helpful features.

HNGRY has been successfully represented in the app stores since 2019 and has its origins in Germany, Austria and the UK. We are also represented in many other countries, including Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Greece.

Feedback from our community is a key component of our development. We consistently use this as a guide to create an even better app experience. Because for us, the needs and experience of our users always take centre stage. You can easily do this by clicking on the “Help design the app” button on our website or directly in our app.

HNGRY – smart everyday helper for shopping and storage

Why are we doing all this and why are we so passionate about it? It’s clear: stressful days are part of everyday life… Our vision is to make everyday life a little easier with our app. With our everyday helper – the HNGRY app – our users can at least relax when it comes to shopping and storage planning. Our smart everyday assistant takes care of everything, from shopping and storage to stock management. The special thing about HNGRY is that it offers a holistic solution that not only helps with shopping, but also with organising and monitoring stocks.

HNGRY combines a storage app and shopping list app, offering users a fully comprehensive way to make everyday life easier. The storage function shows you exactly what you still have at home, how long it will keep and where it is best stored. With our shopping list function, users can lead a more conscious lifestyle and reduce food waste at the same time.

Our app is easy to use and offers numerous functions that make shopping and stock management child’s play:

  • User-friendly handling:
    Simple operation and numerous functions for stress-free shopping and uncomplicated stock management.
  • Smart shopping suggestions:
    Our intelligent shopping recommendations ensure more efficient planning, as products can be added to the list particularly quickly. This not only saves you pen and paper, but also a lot of time!
  • Shared Shopping List:
    Possibility to share the shopping list with other household members and receive notifications about changes.

With xtraHNGRY, we are providing a paid extension that makes stock management even easier. xtraHNGRY is THE upgrade for improved stock management. With xtraHNGRY, our users receive all the free functions of the shopping list and benefit from additional features that help to optimally manage all supplies. Personalised storage tips, intelligent expiry date sorting and the manual addition of products prevent food waste.
Our users can test xtraHNGRY free of charge for one month and optimise their storage management!

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