Avoid food waste

Saving resources and protecting the environment together

 Tips for a conscious approach to food

Food waste is a problem. We all know that, and not just since yesterday. In Germany, around 11 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year. This is not only a waste of resources, but also a burden on the environment. But how can we as individuals help to avoid and reduce food waste? And what does HNGRY as an app have to do with all of this? We tell you about HNGRY and give you some valuable tips for a conscious approach to food.

Why avoid food waste?

By planning your shopping carefully and storing food correctly at home, you can not only save money – good enough in itself – but also avoid unnecessary food waste. This is important – because according to a study by the Federal Statistical Office, every inhabitant of Germany throws away an average of around 78 kilos of food every year. 78 kilos! The majority of this is avoidable waste.

The waste of food has both ethical and ecological consequences. More than 900 million people worldwide suffer from hunger and resources such as energy, water and land are unnecessarily used for the production and transport of unused food. Quite unfair, in our opinion. Fertilisers and pesticides are also used. This makes it all the more important that we avoid wasting food as much as possible.

Stop food waste with HNGRY

HNGRY is an innovative shopping list and storage app that helps you avoid food waste. With the shopping list app, you can easily organise and manage your fridge and pantry. The best-before dates of the products are recorded and displayed. This means you always know which products are about to expire and which have a longer shelf life and can use up the relevant food in good time. This prevents you from having to dispose of food unnecessarily. With HNGRY, you can avoid food waste and help protect our environment – #StopFoodWaste.

Avoid food waste: 4 valuable tips

Food waste is a major problem that not only has a negative impact on the environment, but also generates unnecessary costs. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid food waste and thus protect our planet and your wallet. We have put together four valuable tips that can help you.

Planning is essential:

Good planning is the first step towards avoiding food waste. Think about what you want to cook in the coming week and draw up a shopping plan. Only buy what you really need. This will help you avoid impulse buys and calculate exactly how much you need. You should also stick to the expiry date and use up the food you already have before buying more. The HNGRY functions can help you with this. Cherry on top: You don’t have to spend as much time in the stressful supermarket. Yay!

The right storage:

Incorrect storage can cause food to spoil more quickly. Make sure that you store food in a cool and dry place to avoid food waste. You should store fruit and vegetables separately as they have different storage requirements. It is best to use sealable containers or freezer bags to keep food fresh. Tip: Many foods can also be frozen and used later. Another tip: xtraHNGRY offers you many functions that you can use to organise your stock and always keep track of everything you still have at home. It couldn’t be easier to avoid wasting food!

Utilise leftovers:

If you have leftover food at the end of the day, you don’t necessarily have to throw it away. Instead, think about how you can use the leftovers. For example, you can use leftover vegetables to make a delicious vegetable broth or stale bread to make delicious garlic bread. There are numerous recipes that specialise in using leftovers. If you are creative, you can conjure up delicious dishes from supposed leftovers – and avoid food waste to boot!

Shop consciously:

When shopping, you should pay attention to a few things to avoid food waste. Avoid buying large quantities if you know you won’t use them up. Instead, buy smaller portions and go shopping more often. When you go to the supermarket, you should also limit yourself to seasonal fruit and vegetables. Not only is it fresher, it’s also cheaper. Psst… Insider tip from us: If you’re looking for food that’s about to expire, ask the shop assistant for a discount. This way you can buy food cheaper and avoid food waste.

Conclusion: Reduce food waste with small steps

Food waste is a major problem that each and every one of us can tackle. With good planning, proper storage and the utilisation of leftovers, we can make a big contribution to reducing waste. Hooray! HNGRY supports you in implementing our tips and avoiding food waste.

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