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Would you like to improve your diet and eat healthier?

Do you want to improve your diet and eat healthier? Then healthy shopping is the first step in the right direction! But where can you find the best food for your health? Here you can find out what tips and tricks there are for shopping healthily and sustainably and choosing food that is good for you and the environment. You can also save a lot of time and money when shopping. From the right planning to choosing seasonal and regional foods – we show you how HNGRY can support you in your endeavours and give you tips on how to make healthy choices when shopping.

More conscious shopping – and what does HNGRY have to do with it?

The decision has been made: you want to start shopping healthily for the sake of the environment and yourself. But what exactly does HNGRY have to do with this and how does our app support you? HNGRY works with an algorithm so that the app gets to know you better and better. You are then presented with suggestions for your next purchase based on the data collected. This allows you to get to know yourself and your eating habits much better and consume more consciously. At the same time, you may notice foods that you want to include less – or more – in your eating and shopping plan in future.

 Healthy shopping: 4 tips to help you do it

All well and good – but how do I implement healthy shopping? Of course, we don’t want to leave this question unanswered. We at HNGRY know that it’s not always easy to get started with a big project like this. Especially if you don’t have any concrete ideas on how to get started. Our app is a great place to start, making it easier for you to take the step towards more conscious consumption. Nevertheless, we would like to give you four tips to make conscious shopping easier.

Planning is everything: make a shopping list

The first step is planning. Create a shopping list on which you write down what you really need. This will help you avoid impulse purchases and save money. You can also think about what healthy alternatives there are to your usual products. As a shopping list app, HNGRY is perfect for organising your next purchase and helping you to shop healthily.

Freshness is key: buy seasonally and regionally

Regional and seasonal foods are not only fresher, they also contain more nutrients and are often free from harmful substances because they don’t have to travel such long distances. Find out when the different types of fruit and vegetables are in season and buy them at the weekly market or from your local farmer. A big, fat plus: by opting for regional products, you can also buy sustainable food. Not only are you doing something good for your health, you’re also protecting the environment!

Take a look behind the scenes: Read the ingredients

When shopping for healthy food, you should not only pay attention to the nutrients, but also to the ingredients. Find out about additives that may be contained in food and avoid products with artificial colours, flavours and flavour enhancers. Instead, opt for natural products that are free from chemicals. HNGRY learns with every purchase. So by starting to recognise and buy just such products, our app will in future suggest products that you have already identified as healthy. Healthy shopping has never been so easy!

Organic is not always better: pay attention to certificates and seals

Organic products are often healthier and more environmentally friendly, but not always. Therefore, look out for certificates and seals such as the EU organic logo or the Demeter seal, which guarantee that the products meet strict requirements.

How can I buy healthy and affordable food?

A question that concerns many people: How can I buy affordable yet healthy food? Sometimes you hear the objection that healthy food is too expensive. But this is not necessarily true. It is possible to shop healthily without spending a lot of money. It is often a matter of prioritising and not putting nutrition on the back burner. Don’t worry: there is a solution to this problem!

  • Avoid fast and finger food in future
  • Focus on filling foods such as potatoes, rice and pasta
  • Instead of buying premixed yoghurt, it’s better to use natural yoghurt and quark and spice it up with fruit and other things yourself
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to meat

Healthy shopping is not difficult if you know what to look out for. With our tips – and of course the HNGRY app – you can now search for healthy foods and take your diet to the next level. What are you waiting for? Set off and discover the world of healthy shopping!

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