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Clever shopping plan for more time and less costs

Why does a shopping plan make your life easier? Imagine you have to go to the supermarket again and are looking in vain for a parking space. . As soon as you’re in the queue, you have to wait. You’re glad when you finally get home. And when you’ve unpacked everything, you realise that you’ve forgotten the most important ingredient for the planned dinner. So you have to leave again the next day. Yay! No wonder many people equate shopping with stress.

That doesn’t have to be the case. With HNGRY, you can plan your shopping smartly and easily to save time and money – and nerves. How do you create a shopping plan? Smart with the HNGRY app.

Why plan your purchase?

A shopping plan at the beginning of the week helps you to plan your weekly shopping and avoid having to go to the supermarket several times or every day. You only buy what you really need and can avoid wasting food. You also have exactly what you need in the fridge and pantry for healthy and delicious meals. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours in the supermarket if you know exactly what you need and where to get it. Supermarkets are full, especially at peak times. The key is to leave as quickly as possible!

Tips for your smart shopping plan:

  • – Plan recipes with fresh food at the beginning of the week and enjoy dishes with long-life products at the end of the week.
  • If you want to eat healthier, take your time to look at your shopping plan and think about which foods you can replace with healthy alternatives.
  • To reduce your shopping costs, set yourself a price limit for the week in your shopping plan.
  • Only include XXL packs in your shopping plan if it is worthwhile for you and your household members.
  • Dishes that are easy to store and transport are suitable for work. You can easily plan the ingredients for this with your weekly shopping.
  • With your clever shopping planning, you can also get to know completely new foods. Get inspired by food blogs or recipe sites and add your favourites to your shopping plan for the coming week.

How can you best plan your shopping?

With our smart HNGRY app, you can easily create and share shopping lists. And if you upgrade the HNGRY pantry app with xtraHNGRY, you can not only organise your shopping plan, but also get an overview of your storage and supplies at home and see how long your food will keep and what you will need again soon. This allows you to create a sensible shopping plan for the week. Pretty usefull, isn’t it?

You can download the HNGRY app free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Implement a shopping plan – with these functions from HNGRY

HNGRY is equipped with practical and versatile features for creating a shopping plan that will help you to shop smart. But see for yourself right now.

Intelligent shopping list

Avoid double shopping with a smart shopping plan and never forget anything again!

With HNGRY, you always have your shopping list with you on your smartphone, wherever you are. You can plan your shopping faster, easier and more structured than ever before. A shopping plan reduces the amount of time you spend, helps you save unnecessary costs and avoid stress in everyday life. HNGRY is also the ideal shopping list app for multi-person households, as all members can add and access items at the same time.

  • Plan your shopping with the smart suggestions.
  • Share your shopping plan in the app with your flatmates, family or friends.
  • Avoid double purchases and food waste.
  • From now on, don’t forget any more products – one trip to the supermarket a week is enough.

Simple food storage overview

With the storage app, you can finally gain an overview of all your available food. You can use the information about your food stock directly for your shopping plan and shop even more efficiently. You also receive helpful information and tips on how to store food correctly. This way you can effectively avoid wasting food and save money.

  • Create your own personal pantry.
  • Check what you still have in your food storage anytime, anywhere.
  • See where you should best store your products and how long they will keep.
  • Learn how to store your food properly.
  • Keep track of your supplies and avoid double shopping.

You can also get a better overview with the HNGRYnsite fridge camera for even less stress. A simple glance in the fridge from the supermarket means you’ll never have to go home before shopping again. Our HNGRYnsite is the perfect gadget to make your everyday shopping easier and to counteract food waste.

You can also get a better overview with the HNGRYnsite fridge camera for even less stress. A simple glance in the fridge from the supermarket means you’ll never have to go home before shopping again. Our HNGRYnsite is the perfect gadget to make your everyday shopping easier and to counteract food waste.

Planning purchases with HNGRY – who is the app suitable for?

The HNGRY shopping plan is ideal for singles, couples, families and shared flats. Try for yourself the easiest way to organise your shopping – from now on with the advantages of HNGRY shopping planning:

  • Share lists with residents, friends and family.
  • Be informed about changes via push notifications.
  • Plan your shopping more easily with intelligent shopping suggestions and thus reduce stress.
  • Create customised list sorting – for an even better overview.
  • All wishes at a glance: Add pictures, notes and quantities to your shopping list.
  • If there is no network: call up lists offline.

How to get the HNGRY app and create your shopping plan

Download the free HNGRY app from the App Store or Google Play Store, register and get started right away! Create your first shopping plan by tapping on the shopping list icon on the left. Once you have completed the shopping plan, you can see your groceries in the overview. You can find further help in our FAQs.

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Simple food storage overview

No more food waste: Did you know that HNGRY offers you a practical storage aid in addition to the smart shopping list? Optimise your groceries inventory management and check out all the features that are waiting for you in the food storage area.


Intelligent shopping list

This is how shopping planning works today: Are you familiar with our smart HNGRY shopping list? You can use it to plan your next shopping trip in no time at all and are guaranteed not to forget anything. Our intelligent features that the list offers you will show you exactly why.