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How to keep your fridge and pantry organised

Keeping the household tidy is the be-all and end-all. But who wants to do boring housework? With HNGRY you can organise your household even better. Between work, family and leisure, there is often little time for shopping and even less for planning. The result? Chaos in the pantry and a fridge full of expired food. But that’s over now! HNGRY helps you to organise your household better and thus reduce stress in everyday life. With the clever shopping list for the week, you not only shop more effectively and efficiently, but also avoid expensive impulse buys and annoying forgetting of important groceries. This saves time and money, and you finally have more time for the things you really want to enjoy! Organise your household with HNGRY and enjoy life to the full.

Tips for smart household organisation:

  • Give all the things in your household a fixed place – and put them back there again and again. This way, you can keep your household organised and better structured without any effort.
  • Take 10 minutes a day to clean the bathroom or tidy up the kitchen, for example.
  • Complete small household tasks, such as sweeping up crumbs or wiping the dining table, immediately if possible. This will automatically reduce stress in your everyday life.
  • Create an uncomplicated budget plan for regular routine activities and make it a habit to implement it.
  • Use a smart app like HNGRY to better organise your household.

What is HNGRY and how does it help to structure the household better?

Are you tired of constantly wandering around the supermarket and not finding what you need? With HNGRY, this problem is a thing of the past! HNGRY is an innovative app that helps you to better organise your household and save time and stress. Simply download the app and you can plan your shopping list for the week and always have an overview of what you already have in the fridge or pantry. This means that shopping is done quickly and you have more time for the really important things in life. With the optional upgrade to xtraHNGRY, the app becomes even smarter and also helps you to store and stock your food. You can also use our HNGRYnsite fridge camera to get an even better overview of what’s in your fridge. Whenever the contents of your fridge change, you know immediately and are always up to date from anywhere. Get HNGRY now and experience how easy it can be to organise your household better!

What functions can you expect from HNGRY that will help you organise and plan your household better?

The HNGRY app is equipped with versatile features that are specifically designed to help you organise your household better. See the benefits for yourself.

Intelligent shopping list

The practical shopping list app and pantry app makes it easier to organise your household effectively and shop according to a plan by helping you to avoid duplicate purchases and forgetting anything. This saves you time and money and reduces stress in your everyday life.

  • Plan your shopping with the smart suggestions.
  • Share your shopping plan in the app with your flatmates, family or friends.
  • Avoid double purchases and food waste.
  • Don’t forget any products from now on.

Simple food storage overview

If you want to organise your household better, it is also important to create a plan for your food storage and use this overview to ensure that you avoid food waste. You can find helpful information and tips in the HNGRY app.

  • Create your personal pantry.
  • Check what you still have in your food storage anytime, anywhere.
  • See where you should best store your products and how long they will keep.
  • Learn how to store your food properly.

What are the advantages of using HNGRY to better organise your household and who is the app suitable for?

The HNGRY app is ideal for singles, couples, families and shared flats who want to organise their household better.
Try out for yourself the easiest way to organise your household efficiently – from now on with the benefits of HNGRY shopping planning:

  • Share lists with flatmates, friends and family.
  • Be informed about changes via push notifications.
  • Plan your shopping more easily with intelligent shopping suggestions.
  • Create customised list sorting – for an even better overview.
  • All wishes at a glance: Add pictures, notes and quantities to your shopping list.
  • If there is no network: call up lists offline.

How do you get to the HNGRY app so that you can organise your household better from now on?

Finally put an end to household chaos! HNGRY makes it child’s play to organize your household better. Want to plan your shopping smartly and avoid stress at the supermarket? Then download the free HNGRY app now and register. With just a few clicks, you can create your first shopping list and have an overview of everything you need for the week. No more annoying paperwork, forgotten products and expensive impulse buys! Instead, you get a clever shopping list that helps you save time and nerves. And if you have any questions or need more tips on how to organize your household better, just take a look at our FAQs. Get HNGRY now and experience how easy and stress-free household organization can be!

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Simple food storage overview

No more food waste: Did you know that HNGRY offers you a practical storage aid in addition to the smart shopping list? Optimise your groceries inventory management and check out all the features that are waiting for you in the food storage area.


Intelligent shopping list

This is how shopping planning works today: Are you familiar with our smart HNGRY shopping list? You can use it to plan your next shopping trip in no time at all and are guaranteed not to forget anything. Our intelligent features that the list offers you will show you exactly why.