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HNGRY for the family

As a member of the family, you probably know the typical challenges that can arise before a shopping trip.

  • How am I supposed to keep track of everything that needs to be bought with so many people?
  • Eating a balanced diet despite a busy schedule and finding time to go shopping? How is that possible?
  • How can you plan shopping for a whole family when everyone has their own preferences?

When it comes to making shopping easier, a shopping list app can be an indispensable tool for families. With HNGRY, you and your family can manage your supplies and easily create a shopping list, because conscious shopping planning is the first step towards a healthy and varied diet. What benefits await you and your family with the HNGRY shopping list app? We’ll tell you!

The advantages of a shopping app for families

Whether you have a small or large family, weekly shopping can quickly become a challenge. Especially when everyone needs or wants something different, it can be difficult to keep an overview and not forget anything. With HNGRY, you and your family can organise your shopping easily and efficiently, saving time and money.

HNGRY offers numerous advantages as a shopping list app. Here are just some of the key benefits that await you and your family:

Organised shopping:

With the HNGRY shopping list app, you can organise your shopping according to categories such as fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products. This avoids unnecessary trips to the supermarket and saves time and money.

Efficient planning:

HNGRY allows you to plan your meals for the week and create a shopping list directly in the app for the whole family, share it with other household members and adjust it accordingly. This means that everyone has access and is immediately informed via push notifications when shopping is added or completed. This is particularly useful for families who have a busy lifestyle and little time to go to the supermarket every day.

A healthy diet:

With our HNGRY shopping list app, families can ensure they have a healthy and balanced diet by planning their meals in advance and adding the ingredients they need to their shopping list. Families can use the app to aim for a conscious diet.

Notes and pictures:

As a shopping list app, HNGRY also allows you to record important information and tasks related to your purchases, such as specific brands, allergies or special requirements. You can also leave notes about the products on your shopping list and even add photos for your next shopping trip.

Everything in one place

An app like HNGRY is easy to use and can be used by all family members. Everyone can edit the shopping list so that everyone in the household knows what is needed. If you’re at the supermarket with HNGRY, you can immediately mark every item as bought – and the list is updated for everyone else.

HNGRY as a stock app

HNGRY is not only the ideal shopping list app for you and your family. As a pantry app, it also helps you to keep track of the food you already have in your pantry. Enter expiry dates to utilise food in good time and avoid food waste. Or benefit from the numerous tips on how to store your food correctly to extend its shelf life. Our smart algorithm gets to know you and your habits over time and makes targeted suggestions for your next shopping trip. You can upgrade to xtraHNGRY to benefit from even more features. And with our HNGRYnsite fridge camera, your everyday life would be even easier as you can check your fridge anytime, anywhere. Make HNGRY your smart everyday helper for shopping, storage and stocking up.

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No more food waste: Did you know that HNGRY offers you a practical storage aid in addition to the smart shopping list? Optimise your groceries inventory management and check out all the features that are waiting for you in the food storage area.


Intelligent shopping list

This is how shopping planning works today: Are you familiar with our smart HNGRY shopping list? You can use it to plan your next shopping trip in no time at all and are guaranteed not to forget anything. Our intelligent features that the list offers you will show you exactly why.